We’re planting trees in your name

To continue our efforts in tackling some of the greatest challenges our world is facing today, environmental sustainability, we are proud to announce our newest partnership with Greenspark, a dedicated team of optimists that care deeply about the planet and energize others to do more to protect it.

What does this new partnership entail?
For every order of coconut water you make, we will plant a tree in your name.

Where will your trees be planted?
Your trees will be planted at a site in Nicaragua in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. You’ll plant diverse native species that ensure the greatest benefit to the local ecosystem. The project supports local communities through fair wages and labor to plant, nurture, and protect each of your trees.

Greenspark came together to create something that could harness our collective power to create a real and meaningful impact. And are here to inspire you into taking action and leading the world into a sustainable future.

Please join us in this movement to protect our planet by ordering and sharing with your community.

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