Our Story

A New Chapter of Hydration

We were inspired to create Once Upon A Coconut because people should create their own narrative around the brands they consume, not the other way around. Our goal is simple: To rewrite the history books with you! We just want to tell a story that we can all be a part of, while hydrating the world with next level, premium coconut water, with a legendary taste.

An Origin Story

We scoured the earth for a very specific type of coconut water. It landed us in Vietnam, the world’s sixth largest producer of coconuts. There, the coconut is a form of religion. This dates back to the 1960s, where people worshiped and consumed nothing but coconuts. We loved the unique nature and passion behind this story. That, plus the insanely delicious taste of the coconut water, made it a no brainer for us.

How We Harvest

Our amazing coconut farmers harvest our coconuts in Bến Tre, Vietnam. The technique is a combination of coconut tree climbing, where our farmers climb then grab the coconuts with their hands, or by using a telescoping pole to retrieve. Both methods work well and get our coconuts down from the trees safe and sound.

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More than just Coconut Water

It’s one thing to introduce a premium coconut water that tastes better than anything you’ve ever tried before. But it’s truly something else to give back to the communities and people that truly need it. That’s why for every case of Once Upon A Coconut sold, we will donate 10% to a charity selected by our peers each month. It’s our way of giving back in a universal way.

Charities we support:

Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida www.dsfflorida.org

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