Three Reasons Why Vietnam Produces the Best Coconut Water

At Once Upon A Coconut, we only produce our coconut water in Vietnam. There’s something about the water produced in this country that makes it more delicious than any other coconut water in the world. After visiting the farms and seeing how this coconut water is created, we learned why Vietnam produces the best coconut water in the world. Here are three reasons why our Vietnamese-made coconut water tops them all.


The first and most important reason is that the coconuts in Vietnam are grown near freshwater sources. This means that the water inside the coconuts is clean and free of impurities. The climate in Vietnam is also perfect for growing coconuts. The weather is warm and humid, which helps the coconuts mature quickly. Our Vietnamese farmers have a lot of experience in growing coconuts, and they know how to care for the trees and what conditions they need to thrive. The best coconuts are picked from the tallest trees, but it can take up to ten years before these coconuts will grow tall enough to be harvested. It’s worth the wait, though, because the taste of our Vietnamese coconut water is truly amazing!

Cold Temps

Cold temperatures are key for coconut water production. The lower the temperature, the higher the density of the water inside the coconut. This means more liquid per coconut and, thus, more product to sell. Additionally, colder temperatures also mean that coconuts can be stored for longer periods without going bad. 18-month shelf life for ours!

Harvest with Care

The farmers in Vietnam are very careful when they harvest the coconuts so that they do not damage the tree or the fruit. This results in a higher quality product. It also means that the trees can produce for many more years, which means less pressure on the environment.

Final Thoughts

So, if you need a refreshing, hydrating beverage, look no further than coconut water. And if you want the best of the best, make sure it comes from Once Upon A Coconut!

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