Everything You Need to Know about Chocolate and Coconut Water

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll love the taste of coconut water combined with chocolate. Unlike other sweet drinks that are loaded with artificial flavorings and other toxic ingredients, coconut water, and chocolate is a healthy way to get a sweet fix. Plus, you’re eating a plant-based, vegan drink. Here is everything you need to know about a chocolate and coconut water combo:

What are the Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water and Chocolate

The primary benefit of mixing coconut water and chocolate is that you’re going to be able to indulge in a sweet treat, with added health benefits. When you drink coconut water, it lowers your blood sugar, helps your heart stay healthy, and improves the health of your kidneys. Therefore, even when you mix coconut water with chocolate, you’re going to see health benefits.

Beyond this, drinking cow’s milk is bad for the environment. According to the World Wildlife Fund, drinking cow’s milk contributes to the amount of greenhouse gases that are in the air, which are worsening the climate change crisis. So, when you opt for a more sustainable drink, you’re consuming something that isn’t detrimental to the planet.

Try Once Upon A Coconut for a Healthy, Delicious Drink

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits of coconut water and chocolate, you’re ready to try the combination yourself. If you’re eager to eliminate the added sweeteners plaguing other drinks like chocolate almond milk or chocolate soy milk, you’ll have to try Once Upon a Coconut + Chocolate when it hits the market this Spring!

Once Upon a Coconut has mastered a formula that is healthy, tasty, and affordable. Plus, we’re committed to helping the community, because we donate ten percent of each case purchased to charity. If you’re ready for a drink that provides maximum hydration and taste, try Once Upon a Coconut.

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