Sparkling Coconut Water + Energy

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+ tequila

“Your happily ever after has arrived.”

And then entered Vitamin C + Caffeine with Bubbles, a match made in heaven
with so much vigor and vitality, you just can't avoid. Because with positive energy comes positive outcomes.


Where is the natural caffeine sourced from?

We would lie awake each morning trying to determine the best place to source our caffeine from. It turns out that India was a great place to start. You see, caffeine is not native to India. Legend has it that beans were smuggled out of Arabia and planted in south India. But over time, south India became a center for caffeine, making it a wonderful drink with a great cultural history behind it.

When should I drink this?

Given this is a caffeinated coconut water, we’d suggest drinking it when you need that extra lift. It’s equivalent to a tall cup of coffee, and then some, so whether it’s for an early meeting or workout, you will get the boost you need.

Is Sparkling coconut water better for me?

This is really a matter of preference. Some say the effervescent nature helps settle their stomach, while others say it contributes to a more flavorful experience. Either way, you’re gonna enjoy it.

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