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Our Sparkling Coconut Water with 120mg of Natural Caffeine will motivate you and your taste buds in more ways than one. With a refreshing energy equivalent to a tall cup of coffee, it’s a refreshing story you’re destined to finish. The end.

By placing your order, 10% of the proceeds will help benefit a charity of the season. Thank you for helping someone else find their happily ever after!


No Added Sweetener • Gluten Free • Non GMO • Electrolytes • VEGAN


Elevating Your Energy
with Coconut

Every drink is infused with 120mg of natural caffeine from green coffee beans. The same as a cup of coffee but hydrating, and, without the jitters or crash. 100% natural, straight from the legendary land of Coconuts, Vietnam, this drink can soothe and replenish your body in the most perfect way. This lightly carbonated, healthy sparkling natural energy drink has only 75 calories.

redefining the
energy drink

Kick the coffee pot, crack one open before the gym, sip slowly post-workout, use it as your new favorite mixer... or do it all! And being the perfect amount, inside a 10.8 oz fully recyclable can, you'll be doing something good for your body and the earth...packed with brain boosting electrolytes to help elevate your focus so you feel clear and refreshed.


We Love What We Do
& Want You To, Too:

This delicious sparkling coconut water became our goal and mission to spread across the globe. Legend has it, the energy inside these cans can take you anywhere you want to go, in an instant. Take us up on refreshingly energizing hydration, inspired by hot sandy beaches and cool ocean breezes of a land far, far away. And if your experience is anything less than refreshing, hit us up. We'll make it right.

you can’t make this stuff up

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