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Introducing Once Upon A Coconut's latest hydration sensation: Coconut Water with Watermelon. This refreshing elixir is a harmonious blend of pure coconut water (60%) and succulent watermelon juice (40%), creating a tropical symphony of flavors that will transport you to a paradise of taste with every sip.

Our Coconut Water with Watermelon is a natural powerhouse of hydration, combining the electrolyte-rich goodness of coconut water with the delicious sweetness of watermelon. Crafted with care, this invigorating beverage is perfect for replenishing your body after a workout, keeping you refreshed when things get hot, or simply satisfying your thirst with a burst of tropical delight.

Case Size: 12 slim aluminum 10.8 fl oz cans


No Added Sweetener • Gluten Free • Non GMO • Electrolytes • VEGAN


Healthy & Revitalizing

Sourced from the finest coconuts and juiciest watermelons, Once Upon A Coconut ensures that every can is packed with the pure essence of these two delightful fruits. The coconut water, known for its hydrating properties, is complemented by the hydrating and antioxidant-rich watermelon juice, making it a healthy and revitalizing choice.

Guilt-Free Tropical Indulgence

Whether you're seeking a natural energy boost, a post-workout recovery drink, or a guilt-free tropical indulgence, our Coconut Water with Watermelon is the perfect companion. With no added sugars, preservatives, or artificial flavors, you can enjoy nature's pure, unadulterated taste in every sip.


Embrace the Tropical Bliss

Embrace the tropical bliss with Once Upon A Coconut's Coconut Water with Watermelon – where the essence of the coconut meets the lusciousness of watermelon, creating a magical blend that will enchant your taste buds and keep you coming back for more. Quench your thirst and elevate your hydration experience with this delectable fusion of coconut and watermelon goodness.

you can’t make this stuff up

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