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Embark on a taste adventure with Once Upon A Coconut's Coconut Water with Blueberry. Crafted with precision, this unique blend combines the pure essence of coconut water (80%) with the tantalizing burst of blueberry juice (20%), creating a symphony of flavors that will transport your senses to a tropical paradise.

Our Coconut Water with Blueberry is a hydrating masterpiece, boasting the natural goodness of coconut water enriched with the sweet and antioxidant-rich essence of blueberries. Sourced from the finest coconuts and plump blueberries, this refreshing beverage offers a delightful fusion of tropical and berry notes in every sip.

Case Size: 12 slim aluminum 10.8 fl oz cans


No Added Sweetener • Gluten Free • Non GMO • Electrolytes • VEGAN

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Guilt-Free Flavor

Experience the pure, unadulterated taste of nature as you indulge in the hydrating properties of coconut water, perfectly complemented by the sweet nuances of blueberry juice. This invigorating blend is your go-to drink for staying refreshed and replenished or simply treating yourself to a guilt-free burst of flavor.

Nothing Added

At Once Upon A Coconut, we pride ourselves on delivering a product free from artificial additives, preservatives, and excessive sugars. Our Coconut Water with Blueberry is a testament to our commitment to quality, ensuring that you enjoy a natural and wholesome beverage that aligns with your healthy lifestyle.


Blueberry Magic

Elevate your hydration experience and add a touch of tropical and berry magic to your day with Once Upon A Coconut's Coconut Water with Blueberry. Quench your thirst with the irresistible fusion of coconut and blueberry goodness, and let each sip take you on a journey to a world where freshness meets flavor.

you can’t make this stuff up

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