Once Upon A Coconut Welcomes Ben Greenfield to its Health and Wellness Board

Once Upon A Coconut is thrilled to announce the latest addition to its Health and Wellness Board, Ben Greenfield. As an accomplished biohacker, nutritionist, physiologist, fitness coach, competitive athlete, and New York Times bestselling author, Ben brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that aligns perfectly with Once Upon A Coconut’s commitment to promoting health and wellness through our all-natural coconut water products.

Ben Greenfield is widely recognized for his expertise in holistic wellness and innovative health optimization approaches. He has authored several bestselling books and is a sought-after speaker for his insights into fitness, nutrition, and longevity. Ben’s approach to health and wellness, which integrates cutting-edge science with traditional wisdom, makes him a perfect fit for Once Upon A Coconut.

As a member of the Health and Wellness Board, Ben will play a key role in guiding Once Upon A Coconut’s product development and health initiatives. His extensive background will enhance our mission to provide consumers with wholesome, hydrating, and health-promoting coconut water, harnessing the natural benefits of coconuts to improve well-being.

“We are incredibly excited to have Ben join our team,” said John Chiorando, CEO of Once Upon A Coconut. “His pioneering spirit and holistic approach to health are exactly what we need to help propel our mission forward. Ben’s expertise will not only enrich our board’s capabilities but also ensure our products continue to meet the highest standards of health and nutrition.”

Ben Greenfield commented on his new role, saying, “I’m so stoked to work with Once Upon A Coconut and contribute to a brand that values health and tasty yet natural ingredients as much as I do. Together, we’ll enhance the nutritional profile of coconut water while educating the world on the importance of good, clean hydration and full-body wellness.”

This partnership marks a significant step for Once Upon A Coconut as we continue to expand our influence in the health and wellness industry. Ben Greenfield’s involvement is expected to bring fresh perspectives and boost innovation in product development and health education.

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